About Us

The Optimists are a pop/alternative original band based in Dublin. Made up of 6 students from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), the band are a group of eccentric, excitable young people with a range of different musical abilities. Their influences include; Years and Years, Foals and Biffy Clyro. The band have only played together for a year but have already had their radio debut and played a range of high end gigs around the country, in venues such as; The Button Factory, Whelan’s, The Workman’s Club, The Swagman and many more.

Pieced together by total luck, after guitarist, Tom McGlynn’s failed attempt at being a lyricist, the band have progressed hugely in the last few months. The Optimists are soon releasing their first debut single “Nobody’s Watching”, a huge hit among their fans, and they have big plans for 2016. They hope to release their first EP in late Autumn, now that their song books are over flowing. This EP is greatly anticipated by fans of the band, as their music is becoming widely known throughout Dublin for it’s catchy hooks and tasty guitar riffs. UCD’s “College Tribune” described the band as “passionate and extremely focused” and “unsurprisingly optimist”.

The band is made up of 6 members;


Axel McDonald – The token foreigner and natural rock and roller. Axel does not only play the guitar, he lives it. Watching him perform is an experience in itself.


Tom McGlynn – The mind behind the magic. Tom is the master of hooks and grooves. His style of playing is instantly recognisable and his talent and creativity is undeniable.


Cheese – The man himself. Famous already for his world class drumming skills, Cheese is the man that everybody in the band wants to be.


Ronan Quinn – Left handed or not Ronan Quinn is definitely one of the best bassists in Ireland. His natural groove, both alone and especially with Cheese, makes the rhythm section locked, tight and funky in every song.


Heather Lawrie – Heather’s emotional lyrics are what makes the Optimists’ songs so endearing. Her soft, velvet voice draws you in to feel the passion she has put into her writing. She brings an element of intimacy to the performance and can captivate any audience.


Raaychull O’Grady – Vocalist and Synth player of the band, Raaychull’s distinct, smooth voice and ear for everything extra is the icing and the cherry on top of every song. The chemistry between herself and Heather upfront bring the whole package of The Optimists together.